The Vermont St. Project is a collaboration of design/build team members, reclaimed and natural materials, energy efficiency and recent technologies, and a craft intensive application — a logical, achievable, and certainly at times difficult path when creating a home. Our many thanks to the following partners for their insight, skill, and products:

ecohaus ( – Ecohaus has been supplying eco-friendly building and finish materials to the Pacific Northwest since 1992. From blue jean insulation and dual flush toilets to carcinogen-free paints in any color, Ecohaus is your one-stop-shop for green home remodel — located in Seattle and Portland.

Dimensional Millwork, Inc. ( – Provided us with earth-friendly window & door material options from Kolbe & Kolbe, such as FSC certified wood windows with aluminum exterior cladding.

Shelterworks ( – Out of Philomath, OR is the manufacturer of Faswall insulated foundation blocks. These amazing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are made of recycled wood and Portland cement.

Chown Hardware ( – This family owned hardware and plumbing store in downtown Portland has opened our eyes to service and product quality in both plumbing fixtures and door hardware, including European lines like Kaldewei and Hansgrohe as well as Sun Valley Bronze.

imagine energy
Imagine Energy ( – We’re working with this alternative energy engineering and installation company on HVAC design, a 4.2 Kilowatt photovoltaic system, and a domestic hot water solar heating system. Sanyo & Shuco supplied the solar panels. Both the panels and the component parts of this German manufacturer are state of the art and look to be quite long lasting.

Basco ( – Builders Appliance Supply Company is clearly the Northwest’s premier supplier and has given us great expertise and support developing a state-of-the-art appliance line from Miele.

westside electric
West Side Electric ( – Running electric in a home with exposed timbers, vaulted ceilings and structural insulated panels is never easy. Add to that our push for the most recent technologies of LED lighting and home controls and you can appreciate why we needed one of the best firms in Portland. We got it.

Premier panels
Premier Panels ( – supplied the structural insulated panes (SIPs) for the roof. They are certainly the west coast’s largest panel manufacturer with a solid product and quality service.

Traditional Natural Plaster
Traditional Natural Plaster Company ( – The Vermont Street Project will be entirely plastered with American Clay's natural plasters, installed by this talented third generation company.

American Clay Logo
American Clay ( – The Vermont Street Project will be entirely plastered with American Clay's natural plasters.

NEWwoodworks ( – Another family member. This group takes the woods that we recycle and turns them into beautiful cabinets, doors, stairs and furniture.

GLD Designstudio LLC ( – Gary is an artist; his media is light. We're thankful for his understanding of shadow, space, and light.

loren nelson photography logo
Loren Nelson Photography ( – An experienced, confident photographer who shares our dedication to sustainable design and craftsmanship.

custom bilt metals logo
Custom-Bilt Metals ( – High-quality metal roofing that not only adds to the design of the home and protects it from the elements, it helps keep it cooler and saves energy.

landscape east and west logo
Landscape East & West ( – Creative design, quality worksmanship with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices.

Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams – Responsible for the common room furnishings.

Evolution Floors – When youve been in the flooring industry as long as we have, you can imagine how particular we are when it comes to installation. Turns out Evolution did an extraordinary job — especially given our 11th hour timeline.

pioneer millworks
Pioneer Millworks (– One of our sister companies and a nationally recognized leader in recycled and sustainably harvested woods.

And further thanks to the following team members:

M & P Plumbing ( – Originally signed on just for the plumbing installation but has since been drafted to do the radiant wall panels, the boiler, and even the rainwater harvesting system.

Kaster Kustom
Kaster's Kustom Cutting ( – This is about the only place we’ve been able to find FSC certified western red cedar locally and Kevin has done a great job cutting our orders.

FMC Exteriors – This company installed the metal roofing on the project.

water brothers construction logo
Water Brothers Construction ( – We'll have the info soon, check back.

sheldon slate logo
Sheldon Slate ( – This family owned business mines and manufactures their slate products from their own quarries — a far cry from granite and more gorgeous to boot.

solid form fabrication
Solid Form Fabrication ( – We'll have the info soon, check back.

Precision Finishes – We'll have the info soon, check back.

dyadic iron works logo
Dyadic Iron Works, Inc. ( – We'll have the info soon, check back.

land ark northwest
Land Ark Northwest ( – We'll have the info soon, check back.
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